Monthly Meeting for HSPs and HSS/HSPs

You asked for a coed monthly meeting and here it is! Join me on the first Saturday of each month from Noon – 130pm, CST throughout 2021 for a gathering of the HSP tribe where we learn more about sensory processing sensitivity and sensation seeking, real self-care, creativity as a dynamic force in our lives, and where coming together in community is uplifting and supportive.

The first meeting will be May 1st 🙂

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3rd Highly Sensitive Men’s Seminar – May 15th 2021

Make your plans to join us today for the 3rd highly sensitive men’s seminar! This continuing series of seminars will focus entirely on the crucial topic of self-care.

Self-care has become a trendy buzzword but we will address self-care with the depth and breadth we HSPs are known for. We are looking forward to holding space for the unique way we sensitive men gather in community. Join us today 🙂

Dr. Tracy Cooper Interview with

I’ve been busy! In addition to conducting a new qualitative study of creativity in HSPs and holding seminars online for sensitive men and HSS/HSPs, I have given several interviews for various podcasts, including this new one with Bran Katanec of

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New Research Study on Creativity – Tracy Cooper PhD

Join me in my next research study and book as I explore a topic near and dear to my core being, creativity.  The book will be about expanding the way we HSPs and HSS/HSPs understand and relate to all things creative.

Painted hands, colorful fun. Orange background
Painted hands, colorful fun. Creative, funny and artistic means happy! Orange background wall

Who I am looking for:

Identify as a highly sensitive person and/or a high sensation seeker

Highly self-aware of sensory processing sensitivity and/or sensation seeking

“Accomplished” as a creative, in any capacity that has worked for you

Understand and relate to creativity as more than simply an artistic end-product

Willing to participate with me in a recorded Zoom interview of about 60 minutes

Willing to allow me to use your words and possibly snippets of your interview for the book and/or a film

Whether you are a painter, potter, sculptor, dancer, entrepreneur, educator, healer, engineer, builder, poet, writer, nurse, CEO, car mechanic, chef, landscaper, business owner, manager, leader, artisan, scientist, or thinker I want to talk to you about creativity big and small!

If interested, please contact me at for a brief survey from which I will make the final selections.

If you know of an exceptional HSP or HSS/HSP creative, please feel free to share this invitation!

Thank you!

Empowering the Sensitive Male Soul

How has Empowering the Sensitive Male Soul helped you? Have you read it or listened to it yet? This book fills gaps in the literature on highly sensitive men, especially in the area of self-care, but also relationships, career, parenting, and the creative life!

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Dr. Tracy Cooper Consulting


Did you know that I offer consulting one on one? Regardless of your circumstances, there is an option sure to fit you. I invite you to check it out.

Dr. Cooper is pleased to be able to provide highly sensitive people (HSPs) and high sensation seeking highly sensitive people (HSS/HSPs) with consulting on such crucial areas of life as:

  • career
  • self-care
  • highly sensitive men
  • understanding sensory processing sensitivity and sensation seeking
  • increasing self-awareness
  • realizing potential
  • creative spirituality
  • critical creative thinking as a lifelong practice

Approaching consulting as a strong intuitive and broadly educated, diverse thinker, Dr. Cooper provides a uniquely supportive and nurturing space where you may make important and crucial realizations, begin to form a context and overall vision for your life, and develop a self-care practice that is significant, supportive, and sustainable.   Drawing on his knowledge and experience of working with the four core D.O.E.S. aspects of sensory processing sensitivity, Dr. Cooper will help ground you in an accurate understanding of the trait, based in the scientific peer-reviewed literature.

Whether you are contemplating a one on one session or attending one of Dr. Cooper’s seminars for HSPs, HSS/HSPs, or highly sensitive men, you are sure to benefit from your time spent with one of the leading figures in the field of high sensitivity.